Participation in the Dance Festival is for





dancing schools

dance groups

hobby groups

special dance (all dance styles for dancers with special needs allowed)

para dance (all dance styles for dancers with physical disabilities allowed)


Participants do NOT need to have a dance school or a chorus.

Everyone is welcome !!



Registration for the Dance & Song Festival is online.

Download registration form, fill in and send back to 08.03.19

The form must be filled out in full by the organizer by the deadline.

It is valid upon receipt of the festival fee.

The number of dances / song numbers is free for each participant.

Solists, duets, trios and groups can perform on stage!

There is the possibility that a solo, duet or group with different dances in one and the same dance discipline performed!

Every dancer is allowed to present himself in each discipline as often as he wishes.

There is no age restriction !!

Every age group is welcome !!


Age Groups

The age cut-off-date is 1.1. of the current year.



Minis:                           6 –9          years old

Children:                    9.1–12.5     years old

Junior I:                   12.6 –15.5     years old

Junior II:                 15.6 –19.5      years old

General Category:  19.6 year of age and older



Time limites

1,30 : 5 minutes




All disciplines are possible !!




Character dance

Folk dance



Line dance

Rockn & Roll

Acro Dance

Jazz dance


Acro-Pole Kids

Pole Dance

Areal / Silk

Song & Dance


Production Number

Video Clip Dancing

MTV Commercial

Hip Hop / Urban Styles

B-Boying / Breakdance

Contemporary / Modern

Character / Ethnic Dance

Choir singing soloist / vocals, duo / vocals



Honors / Special Awards

Best performance song or dance of the day

Best young artist

Best Junior Research Group Children and Minis

Best group of juniors

Best young choreographer

Best costume

Pole-Princess Award

Areal Silk Award




The best performance song or dance

receives a promotion prize.


Granting scholarships in the form of workshops!

Iceland dance competition - Krk



Each participant receives a festival certificate.


upload via


Stage size:

15m x 10m

Rise and fall seen from the audience RIGHT



Solo          € 22,00 / per dance

Duo / Trio  € 20,00 / per person / per dance

Group       € 17,00 / per person / per dance


The fees are in the account of Sparkasse Feldkirchen


IBAN: AT842070200001108869

to refer to Dance Festival, Ulrike Adler-Wiegele.


General rules

By registering for the Dance Festival, the prescribed performance criteria will be accepted.


The schools, groups and associations bear the risk of accident for their active participants on their own responsibility.